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Is it possible to travel to Tanzania?

Yes, it is. Since June, 2020, the Kilimanjaro Airport/ Arusha has been opened again for international flights.

Are wildlife safaris in Tanzania safe?

Yes, wildlife safaris are safe. That is to say, you travel with private vehicles on lonely paths in National Parks. Above all, accommodations follow strict covid-19 requirements.

Are hotels and lodges operational to receive me?

In Tanzania most hotels and lodges are open. Your guide will only recommend accommodations that adhere to the covid-19 rules of conduct.

Are there any special entry regulations to follow in Tanzania?

All travellers whose airline or country of departure require a negative COVID-19 test result as a condition for starting the trip must also present this when entering Tanzania. Travelers from other countries who have COVID-19 symptoms will undergo an extended examination. In addition, if necessary, a PCR test is required. On the contrary, there is no longer a quarantine obligation.

Are there any special Covid-19 rules of conduct to follow in Tanzania?

All persons should observe distance and hygiene rules and, in addition if necessary, wear nose and mouth protection.


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