Our mission is to give safari guides the value they deserve.

 In return, our guides reward us with the best performance a guide can do.



Travel with local experts!


Our mission


We have been leading safaris ourselves for many years

On tour, our lodge bookings were always confirmed in advance and our vehicle was in perfect technical condition. However, a broken bridge, animal migration and ferry transfers, for example, can lead to a change in the planned daily routine. In such situations, the logistical skills of a good tour guide prove themselves! This was the moment when an adventurous river crossing, the cooperation with a park ranger and an elegant detour to the destination prove the logistical skills of a guide. Most importantly, the promised journey continued without major restrictions. Our mission was accomplished!

With a knowledgeable guide, you’ll see the world of wildlife through different eyes

Many things along the way suddenly become interesting and get value. You see what you know! For example, did you know that the dark parts of the giraffe’s fur help regulate body temperature? Did you know that an elephant’s trunk is not just for grasping, breathing, lifting and feeding? The elephant trunk can also pick up particles in the air and transfer them to the Jacobson’s-organ. It allows the elephant to locate water points 18 km away and determine the reproductive status of a female. Therefore, with the knowledge of your guide, the secrets of nature will open up to you!

“Primus inter pares”

 “First under equals” – this is the magic formula for every leader who is also socially sensitive. Personal care, psychological empathy and communication skills, in short social competence, accomplish our mission. In the best case, well-looked-after-customers contribute to positive group dynamics with fun and joy. They transform the experience of a wildlife safari into an unforgettable vacation trip. 


About us

FindYourSafarGuide.com is owned and operated by Uganda-Trails Ltd.

We learnt…

… from the associated restrictions of the corona pandemic that the mantra bigger, faster, more and cheaper has to be reconsidered. Privacy, individualism, short cancellation periods and health security are the new top-standards by which the quality of a trip will be valued in the future.

… new Standards

FindYourSafariGuide.com as a child of the corona pandemic to comply perfectly with the new after-Corona booking standards and travel expectations.

Firstly, travel information can be exchanged directly – privately – between the safari customer and the safari guide. Secondly, the customer can get a personal impression of the tour guide and does not have to trust an anonymous agency. Thirdly, expensive travel agency commissions can be saved. Fourthly, first hand information ensures that the trip can be carried out according to the latest travel news. Finally, bookings and payments can easily be made via Internet.

We are optimistic that FindYourSafarGuide.com will give tourism in East Africa a new chance to adapt to the changed booking behaviour of customers.

We will do our best to make this endeavor a reality.